Water Pump Replacement

Water Pump Replacement

Many of today's modern cars utilize a standard water pump to keep their engines at a consistent operating temperature. Their single pump system circulates coolant from the radiator, through the engine block, to a heater core, and then back to the radiator. Some vehicles will also have an auxiliary pump to move water more efficiently, sometimes when the engine isn’t even running.

A properly functioning cooling system is critical to the operation of your vehicle. When a water pump fails, the cooler fluid in your radiator has no way to circulate inside your engine, so the coolant just gets hotter and hotter until your car “boils over”, leaving you stranded on the side of road.

If you see leaking coolant or puddles under your car, or if the temperature is suddenly higher than normal, it may be time to replace your water pump. Bring your car to us and we’ll inspect and test your cooling system for leaks, flow, and proper operation.

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